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If you:

  • want to expand your operations to a profitable industry;
  • manage service points;
  • or look for a proven way to locate your assets, invest
    in one of the most rapidly growing service industries.
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Strong proFITability


  • We ensure the full transparency of costs, terms of cooperation and formalities.
  • You have the insight into all data and information, at every stage of business development.


  • We ensure an attractive return on investment.
  • You have access to a huge customer base, including sport card holders.
  • We aim at the fastest revenue growth in the shortest time….


  • You will get a club ready to receive customers.
  • Workout areas have been designed based on the experience of our customers.
  • As a standard, we offer premium equipment, dispensers with free-of-charge filtered water and phone charging stations.

Reliable business


  • We will negotiate on your behalf the best tenancy terms.
  • We will agree for you the best terms with vendors.


  • You will get the full marketing support.
  • We will co-run your sales campaigns.
  • Together, we will work on retention rates at your club.


  • We will give you a dedicated operations partner.
  • We will provide you with a training package in theory, practical operations, business and management.


CityFit is the leader in state-of-the-art solutions for the fitness industry.

Unique CRM
  • Intuitive management of your club membership
  • Flexible adjustment of membership program to the needs of your business
  • CRM fully integrated with the access control system
  • Sale cycle done fully on-line.
Access control system
  • Access control system based on QR code from the mobile app.
Mobile application for customers
  • Customers can conveniently manage their membership.
  • Club members have access to workout statistics,
    the referral program and booking of group sessions.

CityFit in figures


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satisfied customers

CityFit is one of the most recognizable fitness club networks.
We are recognized for our quality, availability and innovative solutions – for workouts and for business.

Club layout example

Realizacja - CityFit Blue Siedlce


Realizacja - CityFit Blue Bydgoszcz Fordon

Realizacja - CityFit Blue Puławy


Do you want to know more?

Fitness industry market

2 bn

market value


market penetration


share of fitness networks vs. stand-alone fitness clubs

The number of fitness club goers is growing every year, and quality remains one of the key factors for club members. CityFit Blue will definitely stand out among other local businesses, giving you a huge competitive advantage.

Prospective locations

  • Cities with CityFit clubs
    (26 locations)
  • Prospective locations for a CityFit Blue club
    (more than 70 across the country)
  • CityFit Blue clubs to be opened soon
    (1 location)

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